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Answers for questions you may have


How does Saba Kaign work? 

We represent Ethiopian & Kenyan fashion brands with U.S. retailers. As a part of this, Saba Kaign handles all aspects of ordering, including payments, customs, returns, and customization. This provides payment protection for U.S. retailers and increased market access for Ethiopian entrepreneurs. 


Where is Saba Kaign based? 

Saba Kaign is based in Seattle, Washington, USA, and is a registered LLC in the state of Washington with a valid reseller's permit. Saba Kaign was formed in January 2019.  Saba Kaign is an American-owned business.


What are the U.S. customs tariffs on the goods Saba Kaign imports? 

Many Ethiopian & Kenyan products, including all of Saba Kaign's imports, enjoy duty-free status entering the United States. This is thanks to Ethiopia and Kenya's inclusion in the African Growth and Opportunity Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 2000 and recently renewed through 2025. 


I am a retail buyer. Can I see or purchase some samples from Saba Kaign? 

Absolutely. Contact us at with inquiries. 


Does Saba Kaign sell directly to consumers? 

Yes! Watch our website and Instagram feed for sample sales and special order opportunities. Saba Kaign occasionally participates in pop-up markets and trunk shows with our partners. If your non-profit organization is interested in partnering with Saba Kaign for your next fundraiser, please reach out. 


What language does Saba Kaign work in? 

Saba Kaign conducts business and holds all official documentation in English. However, we are happy to discuss our products with you in Amharic and French, as well as English. 


What does "Saba Kaign" mean?

 'Ye Saba Kaign ij' means 'the right hand of the Queen' in Amharic. This reflects the company's goal of helping women entrepreneurs and artisans in Ethiopia achieve their goals. 

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